Reliable STEMI Response

75% Faster transmission of ECG’s, Start the chain of life-saving interventions in a matter of seconds. Shave off the time it takes to provide the patient with a life-saving intervention.

Reduced Operating Costs

Cutting ECG Transmission costs over 90% allows any EMS department to start transmitting. With STEMI Alert, departments can start a managed STEMI transmission protocol in 15 minutes.

What is STEMI Alert?


The STEMI Alert service and mobile app allows the healthcare provider to start the chain of life-saving interventions in a matter of seconds for patients suffering from a STEMI (ST segment elevated myocardial infarction). A managed contact solution, self explained text input and camera capturing make EKG transmission easy for EMS agencies, hospitals, urgent care centers or Dr. offices.


STEMI Alert connects healthcare resources throughout communities by providing direct links to those services. Our team works with you to establish an app customized to your community. Check out more on our website or contact us at



Stemi Alert ECG Transmitting 1-2-3 Quick Start Guide


Create an Account

Accounts are created and managed in the Client Admin area. Located in the top menu bar,The Client Admin dashboard controls all aspects of the STEMI Alert ECG transmitting system.

Setup STEMI Alert Contacts

STEMI Alert supports up to 10 facilities for ECG transmission and alert distribution. Manage and update every mobile device from one convenient location.

Enable Mobile Devices

Download the STEMI Alert app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Add devices and start transmitting. Start with a free 2 week trial. 1 Year licenses are $35.

Try STEMI Alert now with a 14 day, no strings attached, free trial.

Real Time Demo of Stemi Alert Capturing an ECG, creating an alert, and delivering it to email!

STEMI Alert ECG Transmission System Features


Super Fast ECG Transmission

Complete Capture and Distribution of ECG Alerts in under 1 minute.

Non-Monitor Specific

Works on almost any 12 lead monitor.

Managed Mobile App

Manage every device from a centralized dashboard.

Apple IOS & Android Compatible

Works on existing equipment as an installable Smart Phone App.

Secured Mobile App

Settings and Alerts are not stored on the mobile device.

Device Friendly PDF Alerts

Alerts can be viewed or printed on any device supporting PDF.

Simple 3 Step Process to Create Alerts

Select the type of alert, facility to distribute to, build and send alert in about 10 seconds.

Video Conferencing Built In

Video conference between medics and patients to hospitals and cardiologists on the fly.

No Reason Not to Have It Pricing

For less than $3.00 per month you could be transmitting ECG’s with all the features noted above! Any department can be transmitting 12 leads using STEMI Alert as a primary or secondary system. Often much faster than systems costing a lot more.


Faster EKG Transmitting


Less Operating Costs


More Reliable Service

STEMI Alert News


Stemi Alert Press Release

Cath Lab Digest and associated site The Journal of Invasive Cardiology publish the Stemi Alert Press Release.

Cardiac Catherization and Cath labs are a crucial part of any Stemi protocol. The Stemi Alert Mobile App is designed to allow EMS to deliver diagnosable ECG’s in seconds, to cardiac physicians for diagnostics and life saving procedures. Please take a moment to review some of the fantastic information provided by Cath Lab Digest and the Journal of Invasive Cardiology.




Cath Lab Digest is a site dedicated to product, news and clinical updates for Cardiac Catherization Laboratory Specialists. View press release here.

Journal of Invasive Cardiology Logo



Journal of Invasive Cardiology is a scientific medical journal serving clinicians who treat cardiovascular disease. View press release here.




Diagnosing heart attacks: There’s an app for that

In 2013 the American Heart Association recognized the significance that cellular technology could play in the early transmission of ECG. Displaying the results of a study funded by the University of Virginia, it was proven that this technology was quicker, more reliable and cost effective. That idea had not reached our fingertips until now with the potential to save millions of lives. More information on the study may be found by accessing this link.


American Heart Association


Richard Zhang; Steven Fowler; Jonni Seal; and Stephen D. Patek, Ph.D.

EMS Dispatch to Trigger STEMI Alerts Decreases DTB Times

Brief, early notification of STEMI by paramedics through 9-1-1 dispatchers achieves earlier CCL activation in a hospital system already using EMS-directed CCL activation. This practice significantly decreased DTB and yielded a higher percentage of patients meeting the DTB≤60 minutes quality metric. More information can be found by accessing this link.


WestJEM via US National Library of Medicine


Justin C. Stowens, MD, Seema S. Sonnad, PhD, and Robert A. Rosenbaum, MD

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