STEMI Alert Client Admin Guide

The STEMI Alert Client admin website allows clients to manage their STEMI Alert Contact List and Devices. The client admin has 4 main sections Client Dashboard/Manage Account, Manage Contacts, Manage Devices and Manage Licenses.

Client Dashboard / Manage Account

Manage Contacts

Manage Devices

Manage Licenses

Manage Account / Client Dashboard

The Manage Account page allows the STEMI Alert administrator to view the pertinent information about the account.

Edit Account Details

The “Edit” button in the lower right hand corner of the display allows the STEMI Alert administrator to change the account details. Click the edit button and change the fields as necessary and then click the “Update Profile” to save the changes made.

Change Account Password

The “Change Password” button allows the STEMI Alert administrator to change the master password for the STEMI Alert account.


Manage Contacts

The Manage Contacts Screen allows the STEMI Alert administrator to setup the contact group lists (Facility Lists) which are displayed on the STEMI Alert mobile app. The contact list represents the facility the alert will be sent to and a customized distribution list for the alerts. Each contact can have 5 unique Email addresses. For example Contact 1 (Facility 1) can have the email programmed for the Emergency Room Attending Physician, the On Call Cardiologist, the EMS Department On Call Supervisor, etc… The STEMI Alert administrator can setup 10 unique contacts, each with 5 emails. The mobile app is configured to broadcast a STEMI Alert or Other ECG Alert to the selected “Contact” group. Each “Contact” group has fields for “Contact Name”, “Address” and five emails. The “Address” fields are not yet implemented, but will be used for mapping and/or time calculations for the alert.

Edit Contact Group List

Fill in the fields for each contact group. The “Contact Name” is the only field that will be visible in the Mobile App. In each “Contact” group insert at least one email address. Click the “Update Contacts” button at the bottom of the page to save the “Contact” groups. Only “Contact” groups with the “Contact Name” field populated will appear in the STEMI Alert mobile app.

Delete Contact

Click the “Delete” button on the far right side of the “Contact” group to be deleted. Once the contact group is deleted click the “Update Contacts” button to update the “Contact Lists” on all mobile devices in the account.


Manage Devices

The “Manage Devices” menu allows the STEMI Alert Administrator to add, view and delete devices using the STEMI Alert Mobile App. The “Manage Devices” menu has two options, “Add Devices” and “View Devices” The “Add Devices” menu allows the STEMI Alert administrator to configure and assign device licenses for the STEMI Alert mobile app. The “View Devices” menu allows the STEMI Alert administrator to view all licensed devices on the account, edit device details and remove a device from the system. The default view for the “Manage Devices” menu is the “View Devices” page.

Add Devices

The “Add Devices” screen is where the STEMI Alert administrator creates and assigns licenses for the STEMI Alert Mobile App. Available Unused Licenses are displayed in the upper left corner of the page. Each account has 10 – 14 Day trial licenses available to be assigned. Once a trial license is used it will no longer be available to be reassigned to another device. Below the 14 day trial license, Available Unused 1 year licenses are displayed. Once a 1 year license is assigned the amount of available licenses will be lowered by the total amount of licenses assigned. To add available licenses to the account the need to be purchased in advance. Purchasing licenses is done in the “Manage Licenses” menu. A summary of licenses added to the system will be sent to the “email” field in the upper left corner of the page.

Each device license is created in the table below. The “Device Name” is the unique identifier for the device in the STEMI Alert system. It will appear on the PDF Alert generated by the STEMI Alert mobile app. The “Device Type” drop down is for organization only at this time. Entering an email address in the “Device Email” field will send the unique device license code to the device being licensed. Entering the “Device Phone #” will send the unique device license code to device being licensed via SMS if supported. Select a “License Type” from the drop down on the far right to control what kind of license to be assigned. To add multiple devices at one time click the “+” and repeat for the next device. Once all devices have been entered click the “Add Devices” button. The STEMI Alert client system will create and distribute the license codes for the STEMI Alert account. Multiple devices can be loaded into the system via a CSV upload. Please contact support to get the CSV upload template.

View Devices

The “View Devices” page will show the STEMI Alert administrator all active devices in the account. The administrator can “View”, “Edit”, or “Delete” devices by selecting the appropriate icon from the “Actions” column on the far right. The “View” button will show device license details on an individual basis. The “Edit” button will allow administrators to change the Device Name and Skype Address of the device. The “Delete” button deletes the device.

Lock / Unlock Devices – Transfer licenses

Once a mobile device has a license entered into it, that device is locked to that license. If the device becomes damaged lost or stolen, the device license can be transferred or reprovisioned to another device without losing any of the remaining subscription. Press the Lock / Unlock button at the far right of the manage device screen for the device in question to unlock the license. Once the license is unlocked it can be entered  or transferred onto another device. Once the unlocked license is added to a new device the license becomes locked again and the process must be repeated if the license needs to be transferred again.


Manage Licenses

The STEMI Alert administrator can purchase and view previously purchased licenses from the “Manage Licenses” menu. The “Manage Licenses” menu has four options “Account / Order Info”, “Purchase Licenses”, “Cart” and “Check Out.” Once a license purchase is completed the license will be added to the “Available Unused License” section in the “Add Devices” menu.

Account / Order Info

The “Account / Order Info” page will show all previous license purchases. Click the “View” button to see the details on the license purchase. The “My Address” section allows for the billing address to be setup. The billing address must be correct for credit card processing to complete successfully.

Purchase Licenses

The “Purchase Licenses” page allow the Stemi Alert administrator to select a quantity of licenses to be purchased and add them to the cart. Once licenses are added to the cart, a link will appear at the top of the page to view the cart. Once in the “Cart” page the potential order can be edited or deleted.


The “Cart” page allows the STEMI Alert administrator to make any necessary changes to the license purchase. In the cart the administrator can Add/Remove or Delete licenses to be purchased or apply a coupon to the license purchase. Once all details are correct click the “Proceed to Checkout” button in the lower right hand corner of the page.


The “Checkout” page allows the STEMI Alert administrator to complete the license purchase. Fill in the “Billing Details” section at the top of the page with the appropriate information. Once the billing details have been filled out they will be saved to the administrator’s account. At the bottom of the page is the order summary and payment type selection. Choose the appropriate payment type and click the “Place Order” button. Once the payment has been processed the Available Unused Licenses will increment by the amount of licenses ordered.


STEMI Alert Mobile App Guide

The STEMI Alert Mobile App allows EMS to transmit ECG’s wirelessly to a managed emergency care contact list. The mobile app will generate an email containing a pdf attachment with the necessary information to begin the STEMI protocol. Also contained in the generated PDF a link is placed to enable video conferencing to the paramedic via Skype which can be accessed by anyone with the PDF and the Skype application. The STEMI Alert mobile app has 4 different sections “Setup”. “Alert Selection”, “Facility Selection” and “Generate Alert”

Stemi / Other ECG / Setup


Generate Alert

License Input

The STEMI Alert Mobile App can not be used until a license is assigned to it. A device with “No License” will open to a screen with a dialog box requesting “License Key” and a “Sign In” button. Type in the unique license code for the device in the “License Key” box and click sign in. Once successfully “Signed In” a screen showing STEMI, Other ECG, and Setup will appear.

Stemi Alert App License Screen

Stemi / Other ECG / Setup

The STEMI Alert mobile app will prompt the paramedic through all screens to generate an alert. The first screen a paramedic will see is the STEMI / Other ECG / Setup screen. The “STEMI” and “Other ECG” options will generate an Identical Alert with a different title alerting care givers what kind of alert is arriving.

The “Setup” option will display all the pertinent information regarding the devices license, account owner and unique device name. Links to “Manage” the account or “logout” the device from the system are located at the bottom of the screen. Once a device is “logged out” the license code will have to be input again when the app is opened.

The “STEMI” or “Other ECG” button will prompt the paramedic on the next screen as to which facility to send the alert.


Stemi Alert App Main Screen


The “Facility” screen is displayed once “STEMI” or “Other ECG” has been selected on the previous screen. The facility list is controlled by the STEMI Alert administrator by creating contacts under “Manage Contacts” in the STEMI Alert Client Admin website. Only the contacts which have been setup are displayed on the mobile app. Mobile app users are not able to see the addresses associated with the facility for security of the system, nor are they stored on the device. The facility list is updated dynamically when changes are made in the “Manage Contacts” page of the STEMI Alert console. The updates are then and pushed out to all active devices licensed in the account.


Stemi Alert App Facility Screen

Generate Alert

The “Generate Alert” screen is displayed once a “Facility” has been selected. The “Facility” selected is displayed at the top of the screen. Three text entry points are then filled out, Patient Last Name, Patient Age, and Cardiologist Name. The patient’s last name and age are the only required fields on the screen. A toggle switch for the patient gender also needs to be correctly set. All of the above fields will be placed on the generated “Alert” PDF for the care givers review.

Once the text entry has been completed the medic clicks the “Camera” button, selects “Capture” and takes an image of the ECG or ECG print out. Once the image has been successfully acquired from the camera, choose use photo. The medic will be returned to the “Generate Alert” screen and a small thumbnail will appear in the middle of the screen. Clicking the “Airplane” or send button will send the alert to the contact list associated with the selected facility. A success message will appear indicating the status of the alert transmission. The “Telephone” icon at the bottom will connect the mobile app user to the corresponding telephone number in the “Manage Contacts” page.


Stemi Alert App Generate Alert Screen

Video Conferencing

During app development a couple of requests for ER or Cardio to Medic video calling were made. The most feasible solution to accomplish this task is to use an outside video call provider. Skype was the selected product for ease of use and overall public familiarity.

Setting Up Video Conferencing / Video Calls

Skype must be setup and activated on the licensed STEMI Alert device. The entity attempting to video call the medic must have Skype setup on the handheld / tablet / PC. The STEMI Alert administrator can then add the Skype ID of the medics device in the Add License page (new licenses) or the Edit Device Details page (existing licenses).

Making A Video Call

On the generated alert PDF a link back to the medics device that created the alert will appear on the bottom row of the STEMI Alert Patient information with the Skype Logo next to it. Clicking the link will open Skype and initiate the video call to the medic.

Know Issues

Smart Devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android handle the link fairly seamlessly.

Issues with the link have been seen with Google Chrome’s internal PDF viewer and Google Chrome in general. Firefox and Internet Explorer seem to handle the link with little to no issues.

SPAM Box Prevention Settings

The STEMI-Alert system transmits ECG data over email. Please inform the recipients in your contact list of these settings to ensure the alerts are delivered to the inbox and not caught by SPAM filters.

These following accounts should be trusted and / or white-listed in your email system. If you need any help with this please forward this section on to the mail system administrator or contact STEMI-Alert support at

Domain Level White-list Settings

Email Trusted Senders